Monday, November 15, 2010


I am totally addicted to these.....

Honestly I cannot get enough and neither can Guy because even though I politely asked him to get his grubby paws off my beloved Larabars they are diminishing at a rapid rate. Now I have only tried the peanut butter kind because that is the only kind they have on sale at Zehrs right now and these puppies aren't cheap! Regular 7.99/box of 5 on sale for $4.99 (eeeks) but they are sooooo worth it and soooo delish (my mouth is watering as I write this).

I definitely became much more aware of what I was eating when I found out I was pregnant. All of sudden I wasn't just eating for me anymore and I wanted to give my baby the best of the best but it's really frustrating that eating heathly, nutritious food costs so much more than eating food that has ingredients I can't even pronounce. A bunch of chemicals manufactured in labs it's not even real food! Even simple things like buying meat, can someone tell me why I can buy meat from Australia cheaper than meat from Canada and more specifically Ontario?
How insane is that????? I mean really, it's more economical to buy meat that was sent more than half way around the world than buying it locally. Take a closer look at where your food is coming from and if you are so inclined watch the movie Food Inc it's about the food industry in the US but you get the idea of what is really happening in North America and it's icky.

I can't believe my house is surrounded by farms and yet it's cheaper to buy food from all these other countries.... it's bizarre!

And no post would be complete without a look at Mr. Handsome

since I'm doing all the worrying about our nutrition he's free to munch away on his toes!


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