Friday, April 19, 2013

ghill life lately

And here we are less than a week away from Georgie's big day. 
ONE. Gah! how can it be so? This is year really has been one of the most challenging. 

Being a mother is infinitely challenging, there are many moments that I surprise myself, marvel at these two little wonders and my ability in parenting them. Then again there are other days when I wish I could have a do over. Such is life. We are carving out our new norm and new daily routine, which pretty much changes everyday ha! But as we are adjusting to a full time work/daycare schedule and I can feel the shift toward normalcy again.  Happy Dance. 
What can I say I am a creature of habit and I love the predictable. 
Well as predictable as it gets with these two! 

So here it is, April life in ghill.

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