Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sisters of the Spa Variety

It's been awhile since I have pimped out any products so I thought I would share some info on my recent splurge....
A little something something for me and a little something(s) for Oliver


 First up is citrus room spray, baby balm, baby wash, lip butter
(I ordered basically every kind they have it's that good!) , body meringue and nursery room spray.

This stuff is amazing, all natural and safe for babies, mamas, papas and even pets
 not that you moisturize your pets or maybe you do.
I have only used their lip butter, hand soap and body bomb (not shown) they were gifts from my sister-in-law and they were life changing.

I am a big fan of the Burts Bees products- especially the diaper ointment and baby shampoo
(these were pimped out in a earlier post )
so I am really excited to try the baby balm and baby wash to see how they measure up!
I'll post my review once we get these goodies in the mail... man I lurve internet shopping:)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Friday

Here's a little peek at what I was wearing today
 nothing fancy that's for sure but not jogging pants so a small victory......

Cardigan- Forever 21
Tunic- Suzy Shier
Leggings- Suzy Shier
Leg Warmers- Thrifted

This outfit was also a staple while I was pregnant. I was pretty lucky that I didn't have to buy many maternity clothes but now when I shop for clothes I am always looking for things that will work for when I am pregnant again (don't worry mom that won't be for a couple of years).
And it was pretty easy getting used to wearing elastic waist pants or using a belly band but now that I have to get "dressed"  to go to work I am feeling excited about clothes again
and I have just purged my closet
(to make room for some new threads!) so I can't wait to put together some new outfits.
Let the creative juices flow!

Shuffle and Repeat

I have been re-discovering some old tunes on my ipod lately.
I love how listening to a song can take you back in time and you can remember just how you felt at that moment. My ipod certainly hasn't been getting the same amount of attention these days that it use to and I really haven't updated it with new material in a while.
So any suggestions would be appreciated!

But here's a few that I have been playing on repeat as of late

I try to have a nice relaxing bath at least once a week... an hour to myself to soak in a really hot bath**** and listen to really good music (says me!)
****If you live in Canada like me you know that your skin takes a beating in the winter.... I have been adding a cup of ACV to my bath and it makes my skin feel awesome, clean but not ultra dry and flaky. I have also been using Virgin Coconut Oil on both myself and Oliver to lock in the moisture and defend after Canadian Winter syndrome- it smells great too!
Sometimes I add it to our bath or just slather it on after the bath.

Post ending with a couple more gems from our photoshoot.....



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