Friday, February 28, 2014

green juice a day

it's obviously no secret that 'greens' are a crucial part to our diet. 
the benefits are o'plenty, it's just how to incorporate them into our daily diet and enjoy  them. 
I've started drinking a green juice a day, mixing up my recipes slightly... it's a little trickier in Canada in the dead of winter to have access to fresh greens (obviously not in season here) but I'm starting pretty basic and hopefully by summer when we have access to more varieties I'll be able to experiment a little!

 in this new series, I'll give you the health benefits for different green foods and also new recipes to try. 
I mean it's kind of great to know exactly what each food is doing for your body right? 
so let's start with Kale which I used in the green machine juice I posted a couple of weeks ago

lip sync love

this is too good no?
I mean... Paul Rudd, honestly.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


the is past week has been challenging, first Oliver and Georgie were sick 
now Finn and me! No sleep and lots of snot, spring cannot come soon enough.
But luckily I did manage to snap a few photos in between blowing noses and such.

week 8

Oliver educating Georgie on the ways of construction vehicles,
 right now there isn't much time for dolls and girly things when she has trucks, trains and brothers.
the only thing worse than having sick kids is having a sick baby. 
Poor Finn enduring his first cold at the ripe age of 2 months.

this post

attention all pregnant, soon to be pregnant or maybe sometime in the future to be pregnant ladies. 
this post is a must read for a healthy pregnancy and delivery! 

that's right what got you into this will also benefit you throughout, well the rest of your life but definitely improve the next nine crucial months!

Benefits of sex for a healthy pregnancy, labour and delivery

- boosts immune system
- you are less likely to have many GBS outbreaks since semen 
contains anti-biotical properties effectively killing the GBS!
- it helps you sleep and not just from the physical act tiring you out but the release of oxytocin mixed with any melatonin present brings on the sweet slumber!
-prepares your perineum by encouraging good circulation and elasticity of your perineal tissues
- healthy PC muscles allow for a more controlled pushing stage and less chances of tearing. Having sex throughout pregnancy will mean well oxygenated, more toned and conditioned PC muscles. Also be sure to do lots of squats (how to add squats to your life coming in another post!) or better yet squats while having sex... ensuring the muscle is toned, long and elastic not bulky and rigid
-the prostaglandins in a man's semen help to soften and ripen the cervix which will mean its prepped and ready for dilation when the time is right.
-keeps the intimacy alive! beside the science of releasing specific hormones and their effects on the body, a loving and healthy relationship is so important as you embark on the next chapter ... parenthood.

Labour and Birth
- being sexually active in pregnancy will allow you to reap the benefits during labour, your toned pelvic floor will be aligned with the pelvic basin, your perineum will be sinewy and relaxed. Your cervix will be prepped and soft, your immune system at its best and you'll be ready to embrace the hormones of labour.
-create an ambiance as you would in the bedroom, low light, gentle sounds, music.
-touching, kissing, nipple stimulation, skin to skin contact are all beneficial during labour
-movement is key, allow your body to open up just as you did to create the baby,
use it to help get the baby out! Going on all fours, squatting, forward bend,
move your hips to help align baby into the right birthing position

to read the full post click here

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


week 7 

his and hers ipads\\ brotherly love\\ losing patience with the photo taking\\ got milk\\ lippy loo

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

on a tuesday

(that feels like Monday)
and because sometimes we need to be more like Tim...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

want, need, have to have

these are all so gorgeous....
I need to marry west elm because I'm in love with everything on their website!
I'll just take one of everything please.

Friday, February 14, 2014

green machine

on this day of love, I'm opting for a little green. 

1 bunch of kale
2 celery stalks
2 pears
1 lime

Oliver's Library

this week's book selection should probably be under 'Georgies' library since they are more apt for her age group, but since Oliver loves pretty much all books, they still peaked his interest. 

these retro inspired books (by Stephen Krensky) about growing out of babyhood are too sweet 
and would make a perfect gift or a great addition to your child's library!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

etsy love

It's not going to be happening for awhile but I'm already stashing away ideas for the boys room remodel. Once Finn is ready to be moved into Oliver's room in like a year from now,
I think it will be time to change things up a bit and these prints are definitely part of the plan!
Now if only I could decided on which them all (although I'm leaning towards the Canadian cities for obvious reasons my heart is with the European ones too) 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


week 6 

I couldn't decide so I added an extra shot this week! The cold, harsh winter this year hasn't allowed for much outdoor time... I'm so looking forward to getting some pictures outside of this house!
 But in the mean time who doesn't love some wheel-y races?

Oliver- photo credit to his dad on this one. Ice fishing at the neighbours on a balmy -10 degree day lol. 
Georgie- she has a look for everyday of the week. Sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. 
Finn- is the juiciest baby of all time. I mean take a look at those arms! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

homemade valentines

last night I whipped up some homemade valentines for the kiddos party on Friday.
hot off the press (home photo printer).
Super cute, super easy (and very cheap) personalized valentines for their friends.

lollipop taped to the back is yummy earth organic pops
taste good without the yucky not so good for you stuff which is perfect for little mouths!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

song of the week

I've had this song on my ipod for awhile now but recently rediscovered it and can't get enough. 
Paint from the album Young North by The Paper Kites is so deliciously good. 

the truth about maternity leave

Gas and Air is one of my new favourite blogs written by a British midwife, 
I love the birth stories and can't enough of this Brit's candor and wit about all things birth!

One recent post had me both laughing out loud and nodding in total agreement. 
This is a great read (especially for soon to be first time mamas) on the real truth about maternity leave!  I'll admit I fell into a few of these traps my first go around but I must say I did meet the most incredible friends in the Mommy and Baby yoga class I took when Oliver was a tiny bebe. In fact they are still my friends and we do our best to meet up sans the kids as often as possible!

Here's some bits from the post... 

"Maternity leave is expensive. Once your mat pay starts to dwindle, all those coffees and lunches out start eating a hole in your purse. But where’s the pleasure in sitting at home drinking a Nescafe? Think wisely to saying yes to meeting friends for lunch. If you’re meeting work pals in town during their lunch break they should really offer to pay as they’re on a full time salary. If some of your new ‘mum mates’ live locally, take it in turns to host coffee mornings at each other’s houses. Offer to make a cake or if you’re living in the real world and have been up all night with your baby take a packet of chocolate Hobnobs. Chocolate always makes things better. Baby classes are great but again so expensive. I paid for 10 mother and baby yoga classes at a local private gym. Total waste of money. My baby screamed during every position the teacher got us to do, even bouncing her on an exercise ball whilst singing ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ didn’t end her screams. I ended up sitting on the side breastfeeding her for the rest of the class and lying when the teacher asked me if I was doing my pelvic floor exercises. And you know what I learnt? I learnt that my baby was highly strung and hated the echo and noise of that place and at that time of the morning she wanted to be fed and then sleep in her sling. Lessons learnt.
Sleep deprivation pushes you to the lowest of lows. And once the night is over the day comes and babies don’t sleep for long in the day unless they’re being constantly pushed in their pram. This is tough. There were days were I wanted to be at home, getting house holds chores done, maybe do some cooking but my daughter like all babies wanted to be held, CONSTANTLY. Because that’s what babies do. They don’t really like those bouncer chairs for more than 2 minutes 24 seconds and no one can shower and wash their hair that quickly, never mind shave their legs. So my advice is get a sling if you have shit to do, or leave the washing and watch box sets whilst breastfeeding on the sofa. Stock up on loads of them now if you’re pregnant and reading this. Ask for them if your friends want to buy you presents for your baby shower. Breaking Bad and Mad Men are my top recommendations.  
Self help books made me feel like an idiot. ‘How to get your baby to sleep through the night’ books and ‘How to get your baby into a routine’ are more challenging that the task itself. Don’t get me wrong, I know and have heard of many babies who have been trained to do this but not without a lot of stress and tears. A vivid memory of this was when my first baby was 6 weeks old and I was reading a certain book to try and established a routine to our misery. I was holding her in one arm as she screamed and scanning the pages of the book in the other trying to find the bit that said what I should be doing at mid day with her. The book clearly states that she can’t be hungry as I had fed her only an hour ago and she needs some ‘tummy time’ on her play gym. It was mid day, she was screaming and screaming on her tummy under her horrible garish play gym. I looked at this hideously stressful situation I was putting her and myself in. So what did I do? I listened to my maternal instincts, picked her up cuddled her and fed her. And I promised her that I would throw that stupid book away and never do that to her again. We made it through the rest of the day just fine."

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


week five 

 Oliver- looks like my obsession of taking their pictures is staring to rub off!
Georgie making her daily coffee and salad. She blows me away with how quickly she picks things up, she is Oliver's little shadow. Copying his every move. 
Finn- 5 weeks old and changing everyday. He looks like a different baby when you look at him from different angles just like his brother did at this age. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oliver's Library

Oliver has always loved books, even as a baby he was so content to sit and listen to story after story. 
Georgie was very different, she had no time for the stillness that reading required ... until recently. 
True to Georgie's style she picks the time and the place when she's ready for a book by bringing one to me and saying  "read it"

I've recently discovered some greats reads so I thought I would share. 

Now this book is a little advanced for a 3 1/2 year old but he did really enjoy it!
 There are so many great things to learn, from barn styles to how to make a chicken coop, to identifying different plants and flowers and even great recipes. I know this book will be a favourite for years to come for him and me. 


a little Tuesday birth humour


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