Tuesday, September 24, 2013

artifact uprising

I love making photo books, it's a great gift idea and a perfect way to publish your precious moments. Oliver has really taken a liking to the ones I've made thus far, so if you have little ones I suggest making an extra book for them to look through without worrying about bent pages, rips or sticky fingers. It's a great tool for them to learn about familiar faces that maybe you don't get to see as often as you want to. 

You've probably heard about Shutterfly, Blurb or the host of other companies offering photo books
but if you haven't already check out artifact uprising

They offer both soft and hard cover books in several sizes, 
as well as instagram friendly books and other photo related products...
the difference is in the process, artifact uprising only uses 100 % recycled pages, learn more here

I've yet to make a book with them but they are certainly on my to do list!

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