Thursday, December 22, 2011

Days of Pregnancy- 22 weeks!

Tomorrow I'll be 23 weeks, so as of today I'm at the end of week 22
and have 120 days till bebe's due date.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Favourites Pregnancy Edition

2nd trimester favourites to be exact!

these next couple of items come from The Matter Company, they are a Canadian company and have awesome products for Mama and Babe.

1/. Belly Jelly- a pregnancy must have! Cost is $19 each.
I used this throughout my pregnancy with Oliver and oiled up the belly daily
(not that this product prevents stretch marks by any means but keeping your skin well hydrated doesn't hurt the cause)
and have been using it throughout this pregnancy as well.
Love, love, love it!

2/. Mineral Soak = bathtime blisssss. Cost is $18/bag and is packed with essential oils & mineral salts 
(leaving your skin feeling amazing not greasy).

3/. Herbal Sitz Bath. Cost $18/Tin.

This is really more like a 3rd Trimester/After delivery Favourite but I thought I would include it anyway!
My midwives gave me a huge bag of herbs to steep and freeze before I gave birth so that immediately after the delivery, Guy could prepare a herbal sitz bath for me. The herbal bath promotes healing and soothes your swollen ladies parts. I had 3 bags pre-made so the few days after delivery, Oliver and I would have  glorious herbal baths together. It's great for the babes as well! I am sure you can easily find herbal sitz bath recipes online and make your own but for those looking for an already made item, this is a great one. Also makes a great gift for those preggos in your life.

4/. Jeggings. My wardrobe staple. It was really hard to start wearing real-waisted pants after Oliver was born. I love me some elastic waisted pants. So the abundance of jeggings on the market makes me a really happy lady. I scored a bunch of fabulous ones from Giant Tiger so I bought about 5 pairs (and now wish I had 10) They are so versatile and can easily be dressed up or down.
A Preganancy must have!

5/. Bella Band $34.99 each.

This ultra simple but super handy piece is a must have addition for the pregnancy wardrobe. I used mine throughout my pregnancy with Oliver and have been using a lot lately. Since I have still been able to wear my non maternity pants (jeggings), I use this to keep them in place and from falling down as much since a lot of my bottoms are low rise. It also helps smooth things out under slinky tops.
Worth every penny, love it! And don't be afraid to buy a couple of colours....


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