Monday, December 31, 2012

reflections on 2012 part II

because I couldn't stop at just one. 
More 2012 ghill life moments....

Happy New Year Everyone!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

reflections on 2012

as 2012 comes to a close, I can't help but really reflect on this epic year. 
On my resolutions for the coming year. 
On how I will  mother my babes, on how I will be a better wife to my husband
and on how I will be more present for my friends. 
I say will and not want because you can want to do anything but will is more affirmative. More action.

2012 proved to be challenging, trying to find a balance between mothering, being a wife, working and everything else. It will always be a bit of a tight rope I suppose, a constant juggle. But when we know better we do better and that's really the best you can hope for. 

A look back at 2012 and some of my favourite ghill life moments...

Here's to a healthy, happy and wonderful 2013!  

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

a very un-merry and then merry again christmas

Well after a whirlwind couple of days, 
with back to back family Christmas dinners.... it hit. 
The flu took a hold of Guy and left Oliver fevered for 2 days now. 
Thankfully Guy felt much better this morning and Oliver's only symptom has been a slight temperature. But it made him ahem a tad miserable this morning and definitely less enthusiastic about the presents Santa brought than he would have been otherwise. Not to mention the horrible night we had of very little sleep as he and Georgie traded off waking me up every hour. 

Oliver didn't want to ride his new wheely bug, didn't want to look at his stocking and really wanted no part of anything except some cheerios and juice. Once he got a little something in his belly though he started to come around. But I annoyed him with my camera and he promptly told me "no taking pictures". Georgie on the other hand was having the time of her life despite practically being up until 4 am. She was just loving the new shape sorter and sensory balls to no end. 

As the day progressed so did the mood, Oliver livened up 
(of course the day was still sprinkled with 2 year emotions) and we watched Christmas movies and played with our new puzzles and toys. 

My best present was a pack of Norwex travel sized enviro cloths that have provided us with a great way to keep things disinfected around here, I leave a damp one on the coffee table and we periodically wipe our hands and everything else we have touched with it. Hopefully it will help keep these nasty germs from spreading to Georgie and I! Please let it be so,
 a teething baby with the flu while being sick with the flu.... I can't even let my mind go there.

Photo dump from our weekend and from this morning.

And so our Christmas 2012 was filled with merriment and then some not so merry moments. 
Our first Christmas as a family of four and our best present is getting to spend the rest of the week together without any hustle bustle and hopefully without any illness!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

ghill life lately

and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....
(finally) although I'm totally fine if we have another winter like last year.
It makes driving much easier then trekking through snow storms, especially with 2 wee ones.
But we Canucks like ourselves a white Christmas,
green ones just don't feel the same!
So snow if you are coming then stick around for a few days,
you can leave again on the 26th!

1/. backyard snowfall
2/. bright sun on a dark morning....ahhh two year olds!
3/. this curl
4/. I've created an ipad monster/thief
5/. stashing presents like my parents used to do... I never snooped I SWEAR
6/. perusing flyers- apparently you can never start too early.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

give a little

After the horrifying events in Connecticut, 
I have been unable to shake that achy sad feeling. 
Unable to process that we really live in a world that can take 
20 innocent children and 6 heroic women in such an unfathomable way. 
And unfortunately this is just the most recent (publicized) atrocity, 
there are crimes and injustices committed against innocent people everyday. 

I needed to do something selfless and good and human.

So this year instead of loading up stockings for Guy and I like I normally would, 
I put together 4 stockings (one representative for each member of our family) to take to our local charity the House of Blessing. I packaged up some new pajamas, clothing, toys and treats as well. 
Yesterday I delivered the packages and the woman working was beyond thankful for our donation. 
Insisting on taking my information so they could send us a thank you card which was totally unnecessary and totally sweet. My heart felt good. When giving her my information, she paused after I told her my last name (which I thought was weird) but when I got into the office just a short time later my mom told me that her and my dad were going shopping for the local food bank. I realized this lady had probably just spoken to my dad  before I came! In our small community of about 30,000 people this food bank feeds about 500 families a month, so out my parents went to purchase supplies
 that will fully stock their shelves. My heart felt good. 

My sister has a Christmas tree at work that has names of children that are less fortunate. Her and the other employees at her company have been piling up the gifts under the tree to take every one of those names off the tree. To give each one of them something to open on Christmas morning. 

I have been reading stories about Paying it forward in our community. Stories about local people doing random acts of kindness for random strangers. I'm addicted to it actually, I usually get a bit weepy over them because they are so genuine, such pure acts of goodness. And they aren't about spending a lot of money, they are about taking a moment to think about someone else before yourself. 
About how giving a little means can mean receiving so much for that person. 

So this Christmas while we are enjoying our little ones, holding them close, watching them open their gifts with excitement and eating our plentiful dinner(s). We can rejoice in the real spirit of Christmas, in knowing that we have paid it forward and sent blessings to others when we have received so many.

This Christmas I urge you to give the gift of humanity, your heart will thank you for it! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Day(s) of Action

October 19th, 2012 was called a social media Day of Action,

The Association of Ontario Midwives asked for support
 in urging our Government to get back to the table to negotiate a contract.

That's right the Midwives of Ontario have been working
with an expired contract since April 1, 2011.
Since then they have caught over 25,000 babies without a contract (including Georgie).
They are paid well below other health care professionals with similar education and responsibilty.
For example the average midwife earns about $65,000/year
while a salaried nurse makes $78,000 (based on 2009 reports).

According to an article written by Macleans's
 "Seven years ago was the last time Ontario midwives’ salaries saw a significant one-time adjustment–and even that came after a decade-long of pay-freeze."

Midwives provide safe, skilled and community based care, they have the highest satisfaction rate of any maternal care provider in the province and do so while saving Ontario money.

So if I know this and now you know this,
why doesn't the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care know this?
And why aren't they getting running back to the table to negotiate? 

Midwives provide care to about 20,000 mothers and babies which equates to about 14% of newborns born in the province. A number that is only rising as is the demand for Midwives. In fact 4 out of 10 women seeking a midwife are unable to access one in Ontario. And while our province has invested in Midwifery programmes, it has NOT invested in the Midwives themselves. 

And that's what we need to worry about.
We need to worry that Ontario will lose qualified midwives to other areas and that we won't attract new graduates to stay here, if we let this continue. Why enter into a profession with inequitable pay and no contract?  So how do we protect a health care profession that provides quality care for mothers and babies (whilst being cost-effective for the province) from being continually neglected by our Government? 
We speak up, we write letters to our Health Minister demanding a change. 

Because choosing Midwives just makes "CENTS"!

I am passionate about Midwifery and Midwives for several reasons.
My low-risk, "normal" pregnancies remained that way under their care. My uncomplicated, natural vaginal births were kept that way under their care. My babies were born in the comfort of my home because they are trained to deliver there. My midwives came to me several times within the 1st week to do the necessary assessments, which besides being totally convenient for me and my baby 
also saves the province money. 

My midwife knew my name, she knew my husband name. She knew my children's names.

On the two most important days of my life (herehere and here), my midwife was there.
Which is something that was not lost on them I promise you.

You see by my previous posts here and here that my love for midwives is no secret!
But the arrival of my little girl this past April has made even more passionate about Midwifery and about ensuring that its a viable option for her when she is starting a family. I want Georgie to have access to the same wonderful care I received when giving birth to her.

 After the AOM started the Back to The Table campaign, more than 200 emails were written to Minister Deb Matthews (including mine!) as well as over 150 photos of babies born without a contract sent in and their video viewed more than 1500 times! Recently the AOM had a productive meeting with the Health Minister and are hopeful for contract negotiations to resume. 

The point is we are not powerless. Our voices can be heard but we must continue voicing them. Protect your options. Protect our healthcare. Protect women and babies. Protect Midwifery. Protect MIDWIVES. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

song of the week

Eeeks- seems like I've missed a few weeks! 
This week's song is Wolf (the bonus track) on First Aid Kit's Album 
The Lion's Roar.

Other favourites on this album are King of The World,
The Lion's Roar and Emmylou.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Piddle Me This

We are officially potty training!
With great results some days and not so great results other days.
Again I need to thank my lucky stars for our incredible daycare provider Kelly!
Her expertise and consistent efforts paid off (again). Oliver has been going regularly at Kelly's house for a quite some time but wouldn't even go near the bathroom at our suggestion of trying the potty at home. Guy and I were getting a little antsy about the situation (ok ok mostly me). I think back to just after we had him and we were talking about milestones- when would he would roll over and sit up, crawl, walk and talk. We totally thought he would be potty trained at about 18 mths (because boys tend to be a little later starting than girls....). HA! We know nothing obviously while those may be realistic for some kids it certainly wasn't on the mark for us! He has even taken to going by himself now, "No ME do it, you go over there!" Finger pointing to the hallway. "Close the door!" he says. I guess I can respect the need for privacy, although I would like to remind him that I haven't privacy in the bathroom since he was born....Slowly but surely though we are conquering the potty hurdle.

So in honour of his "accomplishments" I have superhero undies for our super potty hero!

I just can't believe how grown up he is-2 1/2 going on 20 I tell you!
Is it weird that I am getting weepy over big boy undies?

Monday, November 26, 2012


I recently discovered this ahhh-mazing product
via the healthyginger (a local holistic nutritionist) that has been pretty life changing.
Seriously go check out her website and blog for awesome recipes and health tips!

I love a good smoothie in the morning, as I've mentioned before its a great way for mamas to get some much needed nourishment on the go. Adding a scoop of VEGA took my smoothie to the next level. So freaking good! I feel energize (which judging by the amount of sleep I've had in the last seven months is a total miracle) it's helped with my digestion and overall health. I've only tried the berry kind because it is so good I haven't had the desire to stray, but it does come in a couple of other flavours. So if you are looking for (and even if you are not) an incredible energizing boost I highly recommend heading over to their web store, their Black Friday sale ends tonight!


Friday, November 23, 2012

ghill life lately

whoa! where has the time gone? 
November it's like you never even happened. Except you did. 
Some parts have been brutal and some parts have been great. 
December and an impending 30th birthday are just around the corner!

1/. mama + babes
2/. mix n' match building 
3/. 'cause I'm the boss
4/. Miss Georgie
5/. best foot forward
6/. couple of dollies for a little dolly.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

walk to remember

The weather is beyond fabulous today!
at nearly 16 degrees it's the ultimate fall day,
sun shining, soft breeze. Gorgeous.

We happily geared up and headed out into the bush after brunch to enjoy the sites.
It's just what we needed, it seems like things have been so busy lately we haven't had the time to enjoy what we are working so hard for! Our family and to be able to raise the littles in this scenic place, where deer show up in our backyard and there are trees as far as the eye can see.

Actually the other day I was thinking to myself how it would be much easier to live back in town.
That I was sick of this house, I was sick of the maintenance and all.
Then a couple of days later as I was pulling into the lane way after work, 6 deer scampered off into the woods from right behind our house, I felt like such an idiot.
How on earth could I want to leave this!

And then today watching Oliver mimic everything little thing Guy did was hilarious.
Guy was moving large branches out of the trail so Oliver was right behind him scooping up twigs and putting them to the side. I was beaming, how blessed we are to be able to raise our children HERE.
What wasn't so hilarious is when he threw our parenting back in our face...
with a booming 2 1/2 year old voice "Come here... NOW!"
We chose to over look it and ignore the comments until he talked nicely.   
Talk about a reality check. He's really been playing with different tones lately when he talks to us.
Totally imitating how we speak and sometimes it's a real slap in the face! eeks.

But oh how I love this little sauce pot. And this place.
So thankful for the walk and the reminder.
This is our ghill life!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

daylight savings and other ramblings

whomever invented daylight savings is a complete a-hole.
And most certainly a man, who did not have to get up with his kids in the morning.

Guy left for his annual hunting trip up north yesterday morning, which means we are already two down and three more days to go sans daddy. And trust me Oliver is not too happy about (and neither is mama) But this morning I heard the pitter patter stomping as if a herd of elephants (do they call a group of elephants a herd?) are charging into my bedroom at 5:45 am and I told Oliver that he need to lie down for a few more minutes because it was too early to get up. He thrashed around for about 10 minutes, waking up Georgie and most certainly not allowing me to get any more sleep so I ended the charade and we all got up. 6 am not awesome but not the worst Sunday morning wake up.... until I looked at my phone and realized I forgot to change my clocks back hour.
It was in fact 5 am! And so the conspiracy continues....

In other news, Georgie is officially sitting up un-assisted! She's getting stronger by the minute and able to sit for longer and longer stretches. Of course she needs to be chewing on something or else she's diving for something, anything within reach to shove in her mouth. But NO teeth yet!

song of the week

this week's song should more appropriately titled album
because I can't quite choose between this...
and this one
both by wintersleep 
(what can I say I love me some indie but Canadian indie to boot! is LOVE) 
from the album new inheritors

Friday, November 2, 2012

a ghill halloween

goblins, ghosts,witches....
 a cow, a chicken/big bird hybrid and a random black cat.
Halloween was interesting.
On the 30th this random black cat started "hanging" around our house.
It stayed for about 3 days (probably because of all the ham and fish Guy was feeding it)
but it was very crafty and almost got in our house a few times so we had to find it a new home.
Not before it made friends with Chaza though. ha this cat be crazy!

The rest of our Halloween went something like this...

Oliver's lack of enthusiasm over the costume made the easy decision to pass on trick or treating this year. So I snapped a few quick photos in front of the toasty wood stove instead of braving the wind, rain and grossness that was outside. Maybe next year will be a little more successful. Maybe.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

ghill life lately

It's Saturday night and Georgie wreaked havoc on my plans
so instead of having a sleepover at our friends house,
the kids and I packed back into the car and came home.
This was a second (failed) attempt at the sleepover.
The idea is that we have dinner, the kids play and then they go to bed so the adults can have a social with some bevies and not have to worry about getting home.
Clearly Georgie hates this plan and has not participated.
So home it is. But we have had some cheerier moments this week.....

1/. little beauty
2/. daddy daycare
3/. shopping cart peek-a-boo
4/. pj warrior
5/. leopard lady
6/. I have consumed more of these this week than I care to admit.
Damn you Costco!
7/. Early Risers Club meeting. Prez and V.P in attendance.
8/. let's go for a ride.


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