Saturday, April 23, 2011

Obsession and Other Ramblings

My latest food obsession is Kashi soft baked bars and granola bars.... yummy!

You can actaully pronounce all the ingredients, there's an expiry date and they are pretty affordable costing about $4/box at the grocery store. Of course they do come on sale from time to time and when they do I stock up! Like today, I loaded up on both the blackberry and strawberry soft baked bars... pantry is stocked.

H20 update

I am pretty happy and impressed with my progress so far. I have cut out a lot of coffee from my day and trust me with the amount of (very little) sleep I have been getting lately this is HUGE!  I usually have 2 cups of coffee in the morning and maybe a small one in the afternoon (but not everyday) and then I switch to green tea. The first cup of tea is the strongest but I use the same tea bag for most of the day so each cup becomes more diluted until I am basically drinking slightly flavoured water. It's definitely become part of my day and not something I spend too much time thinking about... which was the whole point of the challenge!

Next on my list is to cut down on my sugar intake- I am such a sugar junkie!

It's Easter time... which means lots of yummy dinners and visiting with family. And lots of sugar, I guess my new challenge will have to wait until after this weekend. We had a great dinner at my Grandma's house although Oliver was very tired and restless. I think tooth # 8 is also reaking some havoc in his mouth cause he's been ultra clingy these past few days. Of course we have been doing lots of visiting and there's been a lot of new faces and ones he hasn't seen in a while. Oliver doesn't like people all up in his business either, he likes to take it all in on his own time and hates to held for long periods (like anything longer than a minute heehee)... it totally cramps his style so to held by a bunch of strangers is definitely a no go!

This pic was from Christmas but since this post is a bunch of random things mashed together I thought it was a good time to put it in.


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