Sunday, June 26, 2011


I received a magazine called Mothering when I purchased my first kind of cloth diaper,
that diaper didn't work for us but the magazine was awesome!

Geared to "inspiring natural families since 1976", it's full of birth stories, recipes and tips and tricks for parents. I just stumbled upon my one and only issue the other day
so I searched for it online and found their website

They have ceased printing and opted for web-based publication now.
So I just ordered a few back copies of the magazine because I still like to read printed material
(every now again!)


I love reading about other women's experiences and especially reading about pregnancy, birth and postpartum practices around the world. Maybe because I'm a bit of a birth story junkie!
This story about a French Male Midwife was so fascinating,
 as was this story about an American newly pregnant and haven just moved to Germany.

There's lots of information on parenting, vaccinations, breastfeeding, recipes, green living
and lots more. Definitely worth a look!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekly Wedding Inspiration

Love a unique centrepiece and the idea of not using cut flowers
but a more sustainable option like planted herbs

What a beautiful way to display your fave family photos!

Green and natural = lovely

Don't know why but I am drawn to mustaches like a moth to a flame (not real mustaches just fake ones!)

Definitely opting for a headpiece like this over a traditional veil.
And how gorg is this hair!

Origami Birds.... yes please.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekly Wedding Inspiration

Our Invitations are printed and on route, I should receive them tomorrow (YIPEEEEE)!
Great- just in time for the Canada Post strike ugggghhh. Luckily most will be hand delivered,
 just not sure about the ones going to PEI?
I picked up my wedding band yesterday (YIPEEE), guess I didn't need to order it 3 month in advance afterall but it's here so another check off the list.
I am feeling pretty good about the planning so far.... 65 days and counting.

This weeks inspiration

Photos from Ruffled

Love the photo album as a guest book,
(I just finished making Oliver's 1 year photo album book with Shutterfly)
so I think I'm going to have to make one of us for the wedding too!

We've got a family photo session booked with our (wedding) photographer
in a couple of weeks..... so excited!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Inspiration

These photos taken from here 

How cute would Oliver look with a bowtie and those suspenders! 

but seriously  
I just looked at the calendar....
YIKES! There is only 72 days until our wedding. OMG. We have a lot to do!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rockin' Green

is Rockin' my world.
The last couple of weeks I have noticed that Oliver's diapers and covers weren't coming out as clean as they once had been. The covers were stinky after one diaper change (which was never the case before) I have been using Arm and Hammer perfume and dye free detergent or president's choice free nature since day one but something's changed.

I think it's the combination of detergent build up and Oliver's new potent toddler pee. (it really stinks!)
So I went to my trusty online cloth diaper shop and ordered these two little bags of heaven.

Bag #1 is FUNK ROCK ammonia bouncer -$18.00 for the bag, worth every penny. I put all the cloth inserts in a 30 min soak (in hot water) before I washed them with this..

Bag #2 is Rockin Green Soft Rock bare naked (unscented) $20/bag does 45 loads with a top loader and 90 loads with a front loader. Awesome for cloth diapers and regular laundry. 
I couldn't believe the difference. The diapers came out cleaner and whiter than ever! I could totally feel the difference, eight months of use, "regular" ole detergent and diaper ointment (not that I use much- I have only bought 1 tube of burt's bees in a year) had really taken it's toll. I didn't soak the covers like I did with the diaper inserts but I did add a bit of the Funk Rock to a pre-rinse cycle to bounce the funk on those as well.

My new laundry style plan of attack- is to add a little of the Funk Rock to each cold water pre-rinse (as per the directions) and then wash in hot using the Soft Rock (although I might try a scented one next time!) with a double cold water rinse.

I am even washing Oliver's clothes with it. I have the sweatiest kid alive, seriously it's crazy how much he sweats! His pores are constantly open and very sensitive, he gets little rashes and bumps all the time. Especially on his neck so washing his clothes and sheets with this natural detergent really helps those break outs.

To read about the cloth diapers we use click here and here

****Rockin Green Soap Canada will be offering 15% when they get 2000 fans on facebook*******


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