Friday, April 20, 2012

Days of Pregnancy- 40 Weeks!

I am a bit in shock that today has come and almost gone with NO signs that this wee one wants to come out! Oliver's punctuality is even more appreciated now. It's been a tough week (not pregnancy related and more on that in another post) so I guess it was meant to be.
Can't wait to meet you little babe. xoxo

Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Maternity Pix

I just picked up my DVD of images from Dana and ohhhh la la...... I am so pleased!
Here's a couple of my favs that weren't included in my original 35 week post
I'm so glad I got these taken this time because I definitely regret not getting them done with Oliver.

I am still floored that these were taken in March, in CANADA.
 The 25 + degree weather was so freakishly out of season! It worked out perfectly.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Days of Pregnancy- 38 WEEKS!

So here we are, 38 weeks and 4 days along!
10 days left to go until D.D, which is kind of mind blowing but I have to admit that my body is ready for this babe to come out now. Sleep is becoming a tad difficult, I just can't seem to get comfortable and when I finally do, I have to get up to pee. I haven't had nearly the same amount of swelling as I did with Oliver at this point but there is still 10 (potential) days to go, or more.... but hopefully less? I have been faithfully drinking a few brews of Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea each day and administering my capsule of Evening Primrose each night in hopes of prepping my body for labour. This baby is still thrashing about in there and last night as Guy was holding my belly this wee one was kicking up a storm! Glad to feel the healthy movement but ouch, getting hoofed by a full term baby repeatedly is a little painful. Painting is complete, closet is in and I'm stocking up on supplies other than some minor re-organizing we are READY (well the house is anyway) for this baby to arrive! Can't wait to meet you little babe. xoxo


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