Friday, April 19, 2013

song of the week

Ride on/Right on by Phosphorescent
from the album Muchacho

the kiddos and I are quite enjoying this super funky song.
It's a great way to perk up on the ride into town. 

ghill life lately

And here we are less than a week away from Georgie's big day. 
ONE. Gah! how can it be so? This is year really has been one of the most challenging. 

Being a mother is infinitely challenging, there are many moments that I surprise myself, marvel at these two little wonders and my ability in parenting them. Then again there are other days when I wish I could have a do over. Such is life. We are carving out our new norm and new daily routine, which pretty much changes everyday ha! But as we are adjusting to a full time work/daycare schedule and I can feel the shift toward normalcy again.  Happy Dance. 
What can I say I am a creature of habit and I love the predictable. 
Well as predictable as it gets with these two! 

So here it is, April life in ghill.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Tonight, while I was tucking Oliver into bed (after we read the standard 5 storybooks) he told me to put the blanket around him not on him so the kangaroos couldn't get him. That's right he wanted a barrier around him for safety from the kangaroos (his words). He does have one book about kangaroos, it's actually about the life cycle of a kangaroo- very informative by the way...but I had no idea he was having nightmares from it! He often asks me to read it to him at night.

Now I can totally relate to the barrier for safety thing but not so much the kangaroos since I'm the type of person that needs to have blankets up over my neck at night and not just a flimsy little sheet. I'm talking a thick duvet. even in summer. even when it's hot as hell outside. I can't have my neck all out there... exposed! I'm not sure when that started actually that's a lie it started when I started having terrifying nightmare about snakes as a child. It's the same reason I ended up sleeping in the fetal position (fairly regularly) as to not have my feet hanging out there in no man's land at the bottom of the bed easily assessed by the imaginary snakes that may or may not attack them. Of course my mind had created an imaginary line of safety that these said snakes could not cross. a barrier.

The human mind is incredible. Now some would say our fears relate to past life experiences.
I wonder what crazy experience Oliver had with a kangaroo!
and yes he did doze off this weekend on the couch while playing on his 'special ipad from trandad'


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