Monday, November 26, 2012


I recently discovered this ahhh-mazing product
via the healthyginger (a local holistic nutritionist) that has been pretty life changing.
Seriously go check out her website and blog for awesome recipes and health tips!

I love a good smoothie in the morning, as I've mentioned before its a great way for mamas to get some much needed nourishment on the go. Adding a scoop of VEGA took my smoothie to the next level. So freaking good! I feel energize (which judging by the amount of sleep I've had in the last seven months is a total miracle) it's helped with my digestion and overall health. I've only tried the berry kind because it is so good I haven't had the desire to stray, but it does come in a couple of other flavours. So if you are looking for (and even if you are not) an incredible energizing boost I highly recommend heading over to their web store, their Black Friday sale ends tonight!


Friday, November 23, 2012

ghill life lately

whoa! where has the time gone? 
November it's like you never even happened. Except you did. 
Some parts have been brutal and some parts have been great. 
December and an impending 30th birthday are just around the corner!

1/. mama + babes
2/. mix n' match building 
3/. 'cause I'm the boss
4/. Miss Georgie
5/. best foot forward
6/. couple of dollies for a little dolly.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

walk to remember

The weather is beyond fabulous today!
at nearly 16 degrees it's the ultimate fall day,
sun shining, soft breeze. Gorgeous.

We happily geared up and headed out into the bush after brunch to enjoy the sites.
It's just what we needed, it seems like things have been so busy lately we haven't had the time to enjoy what we are working so hard for! Our family and to be able to raise the littles in this scenic place, where deer show up in our backyard and there are trees as far as the eye can see.

Actually the other day I was thinking to myself how it would be much easier to live back in town.
That I was sick of this house, I was sick of the maintenance and all.
Then a couple of days later as I was pulling into the lane way after work, 6 deer scampered off into the woods from right behind our house, I felt like such an idiot.
How on earth could I want to leave this!

And then today watching Oliver mimic everything little thing Guy did was hilarious.
Guy was moving large branches out of the trail so Oliver was right behind him scooping up twigs and putting them to the side. I was beaming, how blessed we are to be able to raise our children HERE.
What wasn't so hilarious is when he threw our parenting back in our face...
with a booming 2 1/2 year old voice "Come here... NOW!"
We chose to over look it and ignore the comments until he talked nicely.   
Talk about a reality check. He's really been playing with different tones lately when he talks to us.
Totally imitating how we speak and sometimes it's a real slap in the face! eeks.

But oh how I love this little sauce pot. And this place.
So thankful for the walk and the reminder.
This is our ghill life!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

daylight savings and other ramblings

whomever invented daylight savings is a complete a-hole.
And most certainly a man, who did not have to get up with his kids in the morning.

Guy left for his annual hunting trip up north yesterday morning, which means we are already two down and three more days to go sans daddy. And trust me Oliver is not too happy about (and neither is mama) But this morning I heard the pitter patter stomping as if a herd of elephants (do they call a group of elephants a herd?) are charging into my bedroom at 5:45 am and I told Oliver that he need to lie down for a few more minutes because it was too early to get up. He thrashed around for about 10 minutes, waking up Georgie and most certainly not allowing me to get any more sleep so I ended the charade and we all got up. 6 am not awesome but not the worst Sunday morning wake up.... until I looked at my phone and realized I forgot to change my clocks back hour.
It was in fact 5 am! And so the conspiracy continues....

In other news, Georgie is officially sitting up un-assisted! She's getting stronger by the minute and able to sit for longer and longer stretches. Of course she needs to be chewing on something or else she's diving for something, anything within reach to shove in her mouth. But NO teeth yet!

song of the week

this week's song should more appropriately titled album
because I can't quite choose between this...
and this one
both by wintersleep 
(what can I say I love me some indie but Canadian indie to boot! is LOVE) 
from the album new inheritors

Friday, November 2, 2012

a ghill halloween

goblins, ghosts,witches....
 a cow, a chicken/big bird hybrid and a random black cat.
Halloween was interesting.
On the 30th this random black cat started "hanging" around our house.
It stayed for about 3 days (probably because of all the ham and fish Guy was feeding it)
but it was very crafty and almost got in our house a few times so we had to find it a new home.
Not before it made friends with Chaza though. ha this cat be crazy!

The rest of our Halloween went something like this...

Oliver's lack of enthusiasm over the costume made the easy decision to pass on trick or treating this year. So I snapped a few quick photos in front of the toasty wood stove instead of braving the wind, rain and grossness that was outside. Maybe next year will be a little more successful. Maybe.


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