Thursday, November 17, 2011

Latest Obsession Fall Edition

It's been awhile since I've posted about some of my latest obsessions.... so here it goes!

1/. Arbonne.
Yes, I jumped on the arbonne wagon after a few months of contemplation. I went to a friends party back in June and loved the products but I was on a wedding budget so I refrained. Although I did buy the skin conditioning oil and I had already bought their ABC sunscreen for Oliver before I went to the party. So about 2 months ago, I bit the bullet and ordered the full RE9 line as well as a few other products. After a bit of a breakout (although my skin tends to that with every new skincare product I try) not to mention pregnancy hormones, I think I'm finally on track! I definitely notice a huge difference in the under eye bag area... ie I don't look like a total raccoon anymore. My pores aren't as large and noticeable and my skin tone is evening out. I have also gotten rid of a tonne of blackheads. I should probably mention that I'm not a skincare addict or anything. I did the bare minimum before... wash my face in the morning (in the shower) and at night and I really only used moisturizer during the day (and I used Avon products). Now I use the full RE9 line in the morning and night. Wash, toner, eye cream, serum, moisturizer (one for day and one for night) and neck cream. I want to keep this neck looking youthful too! It's always the giveaway.... people take care of their face and neglect the neck, that skin gets wrinkly too y'all! I have about a million other Arbonne products on my wish list but they aren't cheap so I have to buy a bit at a time.

Here's a list of my other faves from Arbonne...
Revelage Brightening Hand cream (is so brillant and took years off of my old lady hands!)
Definitely worth the $$ I use it in the morning and at night

Makeup Primer makes your skin feel like butter
and I use way less foundation when I remember to put the primer on first.

2/. Sun Rype Mini Fruit Bites- can't get enough of these delicious little snacks!
The orange-rasberry ones are my fave but I do enjoy all 3 kinds. And so does Oliver (and Guy).
A good easy snack on the go, comes in a re-sealable bag or in fruit bars as well!
And it's Canadian.

3/. Chapman's Super Lolly Banana.....yum!
These little treats are Gluten free, peanut free and naturally flavoured. Coming in at 60 calories per lolly
(for those that care about calories) it's not going to put you over the top to have a sweet little something something. Oliver and I enjoy sharing one for an after dinner treat.

4/. Riding boots. I purchased these boots a couple of month ago from Old Navy (online) and was pleasantly surprised when I got them! They were $40/pair and I wasn't sure how they would look in person but they actually look a lot more expensive then they were. I bought a pair in cognac and in black and they are very comfortable; an excellent purchase!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To Build A Home

This is just such an incredibly beautiful song that I had to share
and I've had on majah repeat on my ipod.
Not going to lie, I totally get weepy when I listen to it!

To build A Home by Cinematic Orchestra featuring Patrick Watson

Speaking of Patrick Watson.... his voice is so amazing.
Here's some more of my favourites by him.


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