Saturday, July 30, 2011

stuck in the basement

I went out for lunch with an old friend yesterday
and this show was one of our favourites
this clip in particular.....

Click here to see the whole video.... so funny! 

What's the magic word.... "NOW"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the Radio

Well more like on repeat on my CD player but ....
I can't get enough of these guys lately

 Pumped up Kicks....very catchy.
Oliver and I have been rocking out in the car to this song for days now.

Here's some other great tracks from their album Torches

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July Obsession

So while I still enjoy the Kashi soft baked bars from time to time,
I haven't been gobbling them up like its my job anymore. I tend to do this though,
get totally obsessed with something and then I over use it (or eat it) and get sick of it.

Lately, I've been pounding back Fuze beverages like crazy.
Well just one a day but one EVERYDAY!
My favourite and pretty much the only kind I drink is
Banana Colada.... soooo yummy!
But the grocery store I go to doesn't carry the whole line- so in fairness I've only tried like 4 kinds

One non-food or beverage related product I've been crushing hard on is my new bag from
 Le Mode Accessories. It's swoon worthy. Especially for a mama like me.... look Ma no hands!

A Roaming  She Is Backpack....
I have the cognac colour but the dark green is pretty delicious too.
And it comes in handy when you are carrying a child and
about 50 million other things everywhere you go.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kegel Knockout

While surfing the web last week, I stumbled across this blog post.
Say What? Kegels are not all they have been cracked up to be?

I had been slipping on my dedicated kegel exercises as of late and had just given myself a stern talking to the other day, when I came upon the above article. Snap.
It totally makes sense.

Here's some snippets... click here to read the whole shbang
Mama Sweat: First, a lot of women just assume it's childbirth that causes incontinence, but I've read that pregnancy itself puts a strain on the bladder (so a c-section won't necessarily save you) and that most women, as they get older--whether they've had children or not--will likely experience problems with incontinence. And even men aren't immune. All this suggests that a weak pelvic floor doesn't discriminate.
Katy Bowman: Nulliparous women (that's women who've never had a baby) and men are equally affected with PFD (pelvic floor disorder) so while child birth may accelerate PF weakening, it is not a primary cause of PFD. PFD is first caused by slack in the pelvic floor due to the fact that the sacrum is moving anterior, into the bowl of the pelvis. Because the PF muscles attach from the coccyx to the pubic bone, the closer these bony attachments get, the more slack in the PF (the PF becomes a hammock).

MS: So rather than a hammock, you'd rather your PF be more like a stretcher--more firm and able to hold up weight without buckling?
KB: I like to think of the PF like a trampoline--the material is supple, but taut...the perfect muscle length.
MS: And kegels. Everyone on my blog has heard me preach about kegels. I want to make sure all my readers are doing them right. Suggestions?
KB: A kegel attempts to strengthen the PF, but it really only continues to pull the sacrum inward promoting even more weakness, and more PF gripping. The muscles that balance out the anterior pull on the sacrum are the glutes. A lack of glutes (having no butt) is what makes this group so much more susceptible to PFD. Zero lumbar curvature (missing the little curve at the small of the back) is the most telling sign that the PF is beginning to weaken. Deep, regular squats (pictured in hunter-gathering mama) create the posterior pull on the sacrum. Peeing like this in the shower is a great daily practice, as is relaxing the PF muscles to make sure that you're not squeezing the bathroom muscle closers too tight. Just close them enough...An easier way to say this is: Weak glutes + too many Kegels = PFD.

 Are you dying yet? So crazy, who knew that peeing in the shower (guilt free) could be this good for you!

Check out Katy Bowman's (she's a biomechanical scientist y'all!) blog and website for more info on the how to strengthen your ladies parts with her video Down There (I just ordered myself a copy!)
She has a bunch of other videos as well- ranging from "When You Hurt All Over" to " Smart Digestion" and "Below the belt for Men"  just to name a few.
I'll let you know how it goes once I receive the video.


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