#1000 thanks

At this stage in my life it seems that illness, disease and hardships are more prevalent and real then ever before. Not just friends of friends, my people, my family and friends.
Life is short, life is precious and sometimes I forget to make the most of it.
Sometimes I forget to really enjoy it and count my blessings. So I'm going to start and make a real conscience effort to celebrate a little everyday. I'm starting a  #1000thanks page but you can find the hashtag on instagram to see other IG'ers add gratitude, grace and thanks to their lives as well.

Here we go!
 learning to live with a little more gratitude....


39 week baby bellies and bubble baths 
(while the other little is having a nap)

#10/. Safe arrival of this boy and new baby bliss!

#11/. Three happy and healthy little people. 

they fight like cats and dogs most days 
but are thick as thieves these two. #17

#18/. learning about raccoons in trees with daddy.  
watching them together is probably my most favourite thing in the world.

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