Friday, March 25, 2011

H2O Challenge

I don't know why but I never seem to drink enough water in a day. I don't drink pop and only drink juice once in a while (other than a wee bit of O.J in my a.m smoothie).
 I'll tell ya what I do drink a tonne of is.....
COFFEE and not just cause I need the caffine (though yes I am undeniably addicted)
 I just love the taste. So much. I could drink a whole pot all to myself. Love, love, love it.
I wish I was drinking some now instead of this glass of water haha. Don't get me wrong I do drink water during the day just not enough and oddly mostly at night which really comes back to bite me at 3:00 am when I get up because I have to go pee.

So I am giving myself an H2O challenge-
 up my intake of the hydrating stuff during the day and decrease my intake of the dehydrating stuff, my beloved cafe.

My beverage count is as follows.... 2 glasses of water this morning, 1 bottle while out and about this afternoon and 2 glasses so far this evening.
Coffee count for the day is-2 cups of Joe this morning and 1 glorious cup this afternoon.

My goal is to get to at least 8 glasses a day without even having to think about it,
just straight up easy 8 glasses.
So begins the challenge...

I was feeling all spring-y the other day before we got another butt load of snow... uggggghhhhh


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Naturally Organic?

I watched this segment on Marketplace- Canada's Consumer Watchdog the other day and was stunned! I know that some  a lot of companies have jumped on the ECO bandwagon using clever marketing to portraying natural or organic products and in truth are not. But I was shocked to see some of the products on the top ten list of Marletplace's lousy labels! Seventh Generation chlorine free diaper- they actually dye their diaper a beige- brown colour to look more earthy.... whaaaaat? seriously!  and Huggies "Natural" baby wipes actually has a chemical in them that is on  Health Canada's Hot List ie list of dangerous chemicals to avoid!
Check out the link below to watch the programme....
Time to read those labels, I know I will be taking a closer look at what I am buying. Especially the products claiming to be organic since they tend to be a lot more $$$$. Yikes what a sham!

Here's a little somethin' that's not a sham and totally organic!

It was all very cute until he peed on the floor! He has been loving his naked self these days and it's very fine line between just enough and too much naked time heehee.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Flip for Cloth Diaper... an Update

It's been about 7 months since we started using cloth diapers and I chose the Flip diapering system after trying out several different brands which you can read about that here.

I absolutely love the cloth- it's saved a lot of money, the earth and Oliver's bum from a tonne of diaper rashes. We haven't used a disposable one since! The flip system is still rocking my world- Oliver's body has changed a lot in the last 7 months since we started using them and we are still getting a great fit! This onesized diaper fits from 7- 35 lbs and the snaps really allow you to customize to ensure a proper fit. A few leaks every now and then, but isn't that to be expected with all diapers? I usually try and change him every 1 1/2 to 2 hours through the day and  I have been doubling up the inserts at night and he hasn't leaked through once.

Here's a little Cloth Diaper 101 for anyone thinking of using cloth diapers and wondering about washing, stains, cloth diapering on the go, etc.

I have 2 pails- 1 for garbage (wipes, etc) and the other for soiled diapers
These used to have dog treats in them and made the perfect diaper pail. I suggest using a small-ish pail because it gets quite heavy when loaded up with diapers and you want it to be small enough that you can just dump it into the wash without having to touch the soiled diapers. I fill the pail up about 1/2 way with cold water and add baking soda
 (some people use water and vinegar... your call)

This is my changing station, we decided against a change table and thank god! Oliver is such a mover it's hard enough to change him on the ground.
A change table would have been disasterous.
(The pails are just to the left of the basket)

The pail full of soiled diapers

Ok now for the washing!
Babies that are exclusively breastfed have water soluable poos, which means you can just throw the soiled diaper in the wash without having to removed it first. However if your baby is formula fed you must remove the waste before putting the diaper in the wash. Same goes for when you start your baby on solids, the waste must be removed before you put the diaper in the wash. Now Oliver was breastfed until 6 months so I didn't have to worry about it and once he started solids so did his #2's which weren't all that frequent anyway. I have seen different sprayers that hook up to your toilet to remove waste but I haven't really had a need for it. Now I am sure you can see a diaper in the pic with some poo residue on it (sorry I know it's gross....)  I do a rinse cycle in cold water first, then do a wash cycle in hot with a little detergent ( I use arm & hammer dye and perfume free) and sometimes I'll do a second rinse cycle in cold to make sure all soap residue is gone. About once a month I also use a little bleach in the first rinse cycle to keep stains at bay, although hanging the diapers on the clothes line in the sun does a bang up job at taking care of stains!
Since I live in Canada I have to use the dryer for the winter months. But stains do happen and that was another perk about the Flip, the insert costs about $5 so if you have to throw it out it's not the end of the world or as painful as throwing out a $25 diaper!
I do put the covers in the wash with the diapers just not when I use bleach
and I never put them in the dryer! They will last much longer if you just hang them to dry and they really don't take long at all to dry.

Cloth Diapering on the go

These are my new wet/dry bag, wet bag and change pad from Planetwise

This is my old wet/dry bag also made by Planetwise- a soiled diaper in the wet part.
 The whole bag is washable so if you are on the go and things get "messy"
 you can wash it clean when you get home

The dry part- great for storing wipes, inserts, extra cover and whatever else you want.

All my cloth diapering accessories (minus the dog treat pails) were purchased from


The flip diapering system makes a disposable insert as well- I have 2 packs that I haven't used so I can really comment on how good or not they are but it's also another great option for when you are traveling.

Well I think that about sums it up! Feel free to comment with other tips and tricks or questions:) 

P.S I forgot to mention that I have 9 covers and about 40 inserts and I do a load of diaper about every 2 days. I keep an extra cover in the diaper bag along with about 5 inserts. I don't necessarily change the cover everytime I change his diaper and I do wash the covers with his regular laundry and just hang them to to dry.


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