Monday, February 25, 2013

song of the week

this song has been pumping through my veins for the last few days. 
Below My Feet by Mumford and Sons 
from the album Babel

This song randomly played several times on my ipod this weekend, perfectly suited.
We will be celebrating the life of a wonderful woman this afternoon, 
the mother of our dear friend who will be laid to rest in peace. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

king of the castle

In less than 3 months, he will be THREE!
Oliver has both blown me away and put me place lately. 
His independence has reached an entirely new level. 
He has to go potty "By myself... you wait in the living room" he says
As he scampers down the hall, shuts the door and climbs up onto his throne "Myself"
I can hardly believe that only a few short months ago, 
I was questioning on whether he would ever even be potty trained!

Our conversations often completely crack me up. 
Oliver "where did you go mom?"
Me "I just put Georgie down for a sleep"
Oliver "Good idea Mom"

He tells me "Good job" and "that's ok, no problem" on a regular basis. 
Of course he also screams, cries and pulls other two-almost-three-year old type shenanigans daily.

We went through a rough stage a few weeks ago where he was only talking in the third person and it was seriously freaking me out. Honestly try explaining to a two year how not to speak in the third person- it's messy. "Oliver not going to bed, Oliver stay up" "Oliver not getting dressed, Oliver stay back home" Thankfully we seem to be getting past it. 

It feels like forever ago since he was a little babe, how quickly nearly three years can pass. 
And in one day he can learn how to do laundry and put his own pants on... inside out and backwards:) 

Parenting can be so hard (most days), each stage has it's challenges. 
But each day has such big rewards too. 
And this day I call a win!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

song of the week

Hey Ho by The Lumineers 
from their self titled album

As luck would have it, this band is touring around these parts in April!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ghill life lately

Nearly the middle of February, my goodness! 
I can't even begin to comprehend how on earth Georgie is almost 10 months old already. 
she is motoring around and getting into everything. 
This week we are extending her hours at daycare in preparation for me returning back to a full time schedule. While some days it will be nice to be able to put an order in and take a call without trying to breastfeed at the same time and having to hold the phone cord like 10 feet away from her lightening quick grip. I also look forward to being able to type with both hands again, although I've really impressed myself with my one, left handed typing skills! But I'm going to miss her terribly and my office will look like a ghost-town without her play pen, swing, exercauser and toys. I think the other staff will miss her too 
(maybe not her freak outs when I take said phone cord away). 

In the meantime, here's how the month is shaping up!

1. little booty 2. FC5 lineup 3. new belt 4. finger lick'n good
5. missed naps mean easy bed times (sometimes)
6. finally some snow for playing 7. no pictures 8. brother + sister 9. window watcher 10. got it
11. awesome snack, insane cowlick 12. little reader 13. whatcha guys doin?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

song of the week

all the night without love From the album Ash Wednesday 

Just can't stop playing this song today.  

Another favourite is While you were sleeping 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

brother + sister

As Georgie becomes more and more interactive with her brother, 
I find myself sitting back watching these two little people in awe.

I was a bit nervous adding another child into the mix, 
not just in my own capacity as a mother but also for the impact it would have on Oliver. 
A siblings personality and their role in the family changes you. 
I didn't know if being a big brother would be a role he would relish or resent. 

But as it turns out, Oliver was born to be a big brother! 
While he is still getting used to her messing up his perfect line ups, 
he loves her, always concerned for her and looking out for her. 
He's happy to give her hugs and kisses and needs to "get her" as soon as she's woken up. 

Oh these two Taurus babes! We are preparing for some epic battles to ensue,
no doubt with these fiery personalities but they also have an undeniable connection
that I will do my best to nurture and protect. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

the mommy kit

I've been asked what is my favourite Arbonne product 
and to be honest it's a bit tricky to pick just one!
Here are a couple that are definitely my most frequently used. 

1. RE9 Corrective Eye Creme- if I absolutely had to choose a favourite, this would probably be it! After not sleeping for about a year after having Oliver, I had puffy, dark black landing strips under my eyes. I looked terrible and seeing myself looking so tired only made me feel even worse! Since adding this to my daily skincare routine (and trust me I'm certainly NOT getting any more sleep) I couldn't be happier with the results. *for optimum results use with the full RE9 Advanced Set*

2. RE9 Firming Cream- Enough said! This cream is a wonder, use it on your thighs, belly, breasts or where ever you are looking tighten up and get a bit of lift. 

3. Vitamin/Mineral Shake- I have mentioned the digestive issues I had after having Oliver on here before and was determined to not face them again after Georgie. So about 8 months ago I tried the vanilla Vitamin/Mineral Shakes and was amazed just how much they improved my digestion not to mention increasing my energy, despite not having a full night's sleep in 9 months! I have a shake for breakfast and maybe lunch depending on how crazy the day is and can rest assured that I'm getting the vital nutrients I need  as well as what I need to continue making lots of milk to feed my daughter. *the 30 days to fit challenge is a wonderful for those looking for a weight loss programme*

4. Sheer Finish Tint Moisturizer- get your moisturizer, SPF with light coverage in one product! This is awesome for a quick application when I don't feel like doing the full make-up thing. Great for weekends, school runs or everyday. *for full coverage use the Perfecting Liquid Foundation with SPF 15*


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