Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Days of Pregnancy- 29 Weeks!

Weeks 27, 28 didn't come together as planned but here's looking at 29 weeks and 4 days.
The bebe's heart rate was was between 130-140 yesterday at my appointment which is lower than Oliver's ever was... which made me think it was a boy (typically lower heart rates) but then made me think it is a girl since Oliver was always 150+. I'm so confused!

Still no agreed upon names to speak of, although we did play the name game after Guy had had a few cocktails on the first night of our trip. I don't think we will do that again, trying to pick names while one of us is a wee bit tipsy isn't the best idea. Needless to say we didn't gain any ground after that round!

In other news we get our new Tempurpedic mattress today and I am beyond excited! We have been talking about getting a new bed for quite some time and this entry into the 3rd trimester was the extra "push" I needed to make it happen. Oh yeah and they were on sale for $700 off!

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